A guided tour over the Town Wall:

The official tourist organization VVV has descriptions in English available for a walk trough the historic town center, or over the town walls. They have also official tour guides available, that you can book in front, against a reasonable fee.

However the author of this site enjoys spreading knowledge and appreciation for Gorinchem and the historic defense works, in order to gain public support for conservation.
That is why the author is available for free, to give a guided tour over the town walls of Gorinchem. During this tour, the emphasis is on the military historical aspects of the town walls in relation to the Dutch Water Line defense system..

There is a choice out of the following two walks:

  1. A walk with a duration of 1 hour over half the length (3km) of the town walls.
    This is a tour along the most interesting part of the town walls.
    However, you will miss a few gun-hills and a machinegun bunker from 1893.

  2. A full tour over the full length (6km) of the town walls, this will take about 2 hours.

The tour will follow small asphalt walkways.
However easy and used shoes are recommended, as well as an umbrella, or a raincoat.
There will be many stops, for giving explanation, however you need to be in sufficient good condition to walk the distance.


  1. The guide will take care of safety and good order, however, the guide can not be held responsible for any injury or damage. Taking this tour will be at your own risk.

  2. The tour is for free and the guide will not accept any tips.

To request a tour, you can send me an e-mail: pho@xs4all.nl, please state your name and telephone number, as well as on which date you prefer to to the tour and the number of persons, that will participate.

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Last revised on 16 februari 2013