First project: I decided to start with making the Landrover weather tight and ordered door- and window rubbers, as well as a new engine air intake hose, a hand break sleeve and front lights protection grids. At the same time I wanted to start the battle against rust. I bought some Fertan rust solvent and bonding liquid, Ferpox 1 component epoxy primer, hollow girders protection wax and body protection. It was the first time for me, to use Fertan and I decided to have a try-out at the back of the frame. Here loose rust is removed, making use of steel brushes mounted on a drilling machine.
Some parts are made completely blank and at other spots, just loose rust is removed. This is how it looks after applying the Fertan liquid with a small brush and leave it. 24 hours. When waiting for the Fertan to do its work, I exchanged the leaking air hose in between the air filter and the carburetor for the new air hose.
In the mean time, a also replaced a tiered rubber cover of the hand brake.  Ready for spraying rally black paint on the outer back side of the frame. Problems arising, the standard Acryl based rally black car lacquer reacts with the Epoxy primer, causing a rippled surface. The lacquer should also be Epoxy 1K or 2K.
I immediately stopped spraying and jumped on my bicycle to get a can of paint that would work with Epoxy primer, I could get a can of resin based lacquer, this worked good. 

To be continued.

This is the result. I have to pay attention when I want to do the remainder of the frame, if the Epoxy primer can be used together with the black Body Protection.

I went on with the right back side door frame.
I removed also the rotten rubbers, here I used Fertan rust bonding and a Lead primer.

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