Adjusting the valve clearance:


The working of the 4-stroke engine For rotating the Engine, it is handy to have a hand-start wrench. Remove all spark plugs, so you can turn the motor easily, without compression.  Just made  loose, the crankcase breathing hose, the vacuum ignition timing adjustment hose and the air intake hose. Then removed the cam shaft cover.
Here you see the camshaft with valve actuators on the right and clearance adjustment screws on the left. Start with the aft 2 valves. Turn the motor so, that those two valves (inlet and outlet) are both closed. Loosen up the nuts on the adjustment screws, slide a feeler gage size 0,25 mm in-between the camshaft arms and the valve actuators and adjust the screw until the gage is sliding in-between not to easy, hold the screw and fasten the nut. Check, if gage is still sliding the same. If so, then adjust the next valve.    

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