INSPECTION after just having bought my latest Landrover,

a Series III Landrover 109 Stawag with a Petrol engine.


A quick inspection (apart from the ladder frame) reveals the following:

Back door sealing rubbers are rotten. Rust on a frame repair patch. Rust on welding of added towing hook items. The paint job seem to be done with a roller, on just the surface items.
The doors have rusty spots. More rusty spots. And even more rusty spots on the doors. Top window rubbers have a gap. Also the top door sealing rubbers are rotten.
Rust on the bulk head sides. More rust on the door frames. Door sealing rubbers are pulverized. More door sealing rubbers in very bad shape
Sliding window gutters are rusted away. Roof ventilation hatches are loose and rusty. .Discoveries under the driver seat. Discoveries in the very wet back toolbox.
The wet toolbox is a common problem.

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Discovered a not connected second fuel tank  under the passenger seat. I want a second battery on that spot, for supply of radio equipment, so this tank had to go.   This page was last updated on 27-jun-2011.
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