Making of an alternative lower dashboard, 
out aluminum checker plate and wood.

When trying to remove the lower dashboard, to gain access to the heater hole, I did hear crunchy sounds an brown chips were falling to the ground. That seems a third project suddenly coming up. Here you look on top of the removed lower dashboard. The dashboard is in very bad condition.  Yes, it is definitely beyond repair.
Since I estimated changes, to get quickly a good  second hand dashboard very small, I decided to make an alternative new dashboard.
To prevent rust, I am going to make it out of aluminum.
By removing the lower dashboard I have gained access to one of the main wire trunks and bulkhead transit, as well. This is needed to do the electrical project.
So the dashboard project contains parts of the electrical wiring and the heater project.
Taking measurements to determine dimensions As you can see on the left, the middle of the bulkhead has a bulky part..  Since at the bulky part there are not much fixing points, I decided to make the new dashboard into three parts. A firm mounted right and a left part, with a cover plate in between. This is the design drawing of the right part. 
Always make a "proper" drawing and consider all possibilities and impossibilities as much as possible up front. Here you see the start from scratch. I decided to use aluminum tear plate again. However, this proved very difficult to bend neatly, without a proper bending bench. After bending the tear plate 90 failed, I used an aluminum angle bar and a strip of 1mm aluminum plate, this pop-riveted together to create a 90 angle and a 45 angle for the front plate. Here the front plate is loose positioned, to determine the location and size of the cut-out for the heat entry box. Here the result is temporary put in place, to check the fit.
In the middle, you see part of the black hot air intake box.
On the left you see a hose for transferring the heater air to the left windows and driver.
The sides of the alternative lower dashboard is made of wood. During this fitting try-out I also marked-up the electrical cable transit holes, still to be drilled. Here you see the mounting flanges for the middle part of the alternative lower dashboard.
These are made out of aluminum angle bar 20x20x2 mm.
Here you see, that I made a mistake with the location of the transit hole in the dashboard back plate.
The heater transit hole, now covered by the black heat entry box, is not in line with the heat entry hole in the upper dashboard. So I have to find a solution for that.

Part of the black heat intake and distribution box is sticking through a slot in the alternative lower dashboard and fitted with a valve that gives hot air to the co-drivers feet. The new alternative dashboard is ready, this is the underside view. And this is the top view.
Pffffff ........, next project.

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