Conservation with Dinitrol

The ladder chassis of this Landrover did not have severe rust, thanks to the fact, that this Landrover was in Mauritania up till 2003, after which it was imported in the Netherlands.
The bulkhead panel between the engine bay and the driver cabin was in less condition, but still good enough. However the often damp and wet weather conditions in the Netherlands would soon change that if no action was taken.
So I had my Landrover conserved by treatment with Dinitrol by a professional firm.

First the chassis is cleaned with a very high pressure water jet. This removes dirt and loose rust parts. As you can see, there is a previous layer of conservation coat, but also rust. The for rust damage notorious parts under the radiator and the mounting points of the leaf springs and shock dampers are still in good shape. The first outrigger on the right side of the Landrover has pitting rust under the old conservation layer, but no holes. Also the welds to the chassis beams are OK.
The beam itself has some rust, but is OK. .The back outrigger has also pitting rust, but no holes and good weds to the main beam. The mountings of the leaf springs and shock absorbers are a bit rusty, but in good condition.
This is the left main beam attachment to the aft transversal beam. Also a bit of rust under the former conservation layer, but still OK. Here you you see the sagging part in the left main beam aft, that is typical for a Station Wagon and notorious for rust damage. There is a lot of rust, but no holes. The aft outrigger is also OK. Here you see the left forward outrigger. This one has the worst rust. But it is just surface rust and still OK.
This is the main beam forward left, with the leaf spring and shock absorber mountings. There is a lot of rust, but just on the surface, no holes. It seems, that the front of the main beam, with the leaf spring hand, has been renewed. The strong cross member of the chassis is also in good condition.
The plates from the bulkhead to the floor plates were in poor condition. On the left side here were some holes repaired by welding small steel strips in. Here you see the repair on the outside. On the right it was worse.
The bad part has been cut out and has been replaced by a new piece of steel plate, welded against the existing remains. Here you see the result on the outside, already covered with Dinitrol. The beam and outriggers on the right covered with Dinitrol. The Dinitrol is very brown, but do not worry, it gets a bet more black in time and if one does not know, it is not noticed.
This is the left aft outrigger and beam, after treatment. The left aft corner. The right aft outrigger.
The left forward outrigger. The left main beam. The front axel and cross member.

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