A small group of Landrover enthusiasts made a weekend tour along the old 
fortresses and bunkers of the former Dutch Water Defense Line system

Adding motor oil at the start of the tour. Intermediate stop at the route to the first objective. Introduction: fltr. Defender 90, a Lightweight 88, a 90 and a Series III 109 stationwagon. Fortress town Naarden, Bastion flanking guns.
The 88 Lightweights interior. At fortress Uitermeer gun tower ruin. A bat, in fortress Nieuwersluis. Gun garage with Ham-radio station at fortress "De Gagel".
Are they not ever beautiful? Looking at shooting directions on fortress "Waalse Wetering". Getting to the underground gun powder and ammunition cellars. On the ramparts of fortress "Waalse Wetering".
A very nice combination. Strategic discussion. Waiting for the ferry over the river Lek at Culemborg. Some fine machines (they are not just cars) on the ferry.
At the water line, with an infantry group shelter on the left. Exploring an other infantry group shelter. A shooting hole for a gun in the gun tower of fortress Vuren, showing the wall thickness. Having some refreshments in the shade.
Crossing the river Waal at the ferry to Brakel. 90 + Zambesi camping trailer, very nice. But also the landscape is very beautiful. Driving home, enjoying the typical view from a Landrover and some nice memories.

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