Maginot line weekend 2012

A small group of Landrover enthusiasts made a tour along the north/west extension of the French Maginot defense line.

After a long drive in Belgian traffic jams, we are enjoying a good meal with a delicious dessert. The following morning, the Lightweight Landrover its starting motor is not catching the starting gear. A good reason to try the winches and do some pulling. First a stop for fuel. We will drive a some 150 km today, of which about 50% offroad.
A nice bit of green laning, at the route to Maginot fortress Chenois. Lunch in the field and the first combat blocks of fortress Chenois are spotted. The small hill, on the hill in-between the lads is a concrete combat block of fortress Chenois. Taking a closer look.
Landrover parked in front of the entrance block of fortress Chenois. The concrete combat block have very thick armored steel combat domes. Sticking a photo camera through a small shooting hole, reveals the inside. After driving a bit further, we arrive at the entrance combat block of fortress Ferte.
The combat block facade weapons:
Anti tank gun 47 mm.
Dual machine gun 7,5 mm. Single flanking machine gun 7,5 mm. Combat blocks are connected by an 30m deep underground corridor.
The stairs to the underground corridor. The layout of combat block 2. One of the domes, hit by the famous German 88mm anti tank gun. Another bit of green laning back to camping Maka.
And another delicious dessert. Some Landrover men have strange camping gear. Ready for the next part of the Maginot line. This time the green laning is a bit more chalenging.
For Defenders and Series Landrovers no trouble whatsoever. However the Discovery, with automatic gearbox gut stuck. For this Defender another opportunity, to winch him out. Visiting the bigger fort of Fermont. The Maginot line fortresses are called "Ouvrage".
Here you see a section of a gun turret. This is a 3D drawing of a combat block. A unique type of dome. One of the sections of underground corridor.
Firing orders were given from the command post to the guns, by a telegraph system. A gun turret section. After a long and good tour through fortress Fermont, we are back at the Landrovers. Back again  at camping Maka.
In September it is chilly in the evening. It is nice, to stay warm at a camp fire. Some fog on the river in the morning. Leaving camping Maka for home.

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