Hells Highway 2014

A small group of Landrover enthusiasts followed Hells Highway, the route of the Allied forces during operation Maked Garden in WW2, from the Belgian border to Arnhem.

.Just arrived De Lightweight and the Ninety. An undefined car and the 109. Extra ordinary camping gear.
Obvious lines. Light weight camping gear Strange camping gear Luxury camping gear.
The first beer. Not a space cake, but down to earth. A lecture on the subject; "Hells Highway". Explanation on the starting point.
At a route point explanation of the historic manouvres, of the Allies and the Germans. Unpaved rout part. Coffee break. War museum at Overloon.
Other route point, more explanation why the Allies were behind schedule. Final Hells Highway camp near "one bridge to far" at Nijmegen. The Allies are back again, with their original WW2 equipment. To commemorate the crossing of the river, to capture Nijmegen bridge.
A DUCW. Some rifling. In a 155mm houwitzer barrel. A Spitfire over the bridge.
Nijmegen Valkhof, St. Nicolas Chapel, build in the year 1030. Medieval paintings on the ceiling. Medieval sculpture. Typical medieval painting.

The emperors castle the Valkhof. Green laning back.   BACK to events index.