Bunkertour Calais 2014

A small group of Landrover enthusiasts made a tour along the German Atlantic wall bunkers in the Pas de Calais area.

On the way to Calais, we visited the V2 rocket assembly and launching base "La Coupola". Inside large concrete dome shaped facility is now a nice museum. This is a V1 rocket. This is a V2 rocket. Looking at the tail fins and ruthers. A Landrover 88 light weight in front of our base tent, being a Zambesi folding trolley  tent.
The other Landrovers and tents. An ammunition storage bunker of "fernkampf batterie Prinz Heinrich". The Landrovers; a series 3 109, a series 3 88 lightweight, a Discovery 1 and a Discovery 2. There was also some nice green laning.
One of the restored gate buildings of the Calais Citadel. Big gun bunker "Turm Borkum" of "fernkampf Batterie Oldenburg". This inside "Turm Ösal" of "fernkampf Batterie Oldenburg". There are many rooms inside, all numbered.
The bunker is sealed off with brick masonry.
We have entered through a small hole.
We are exploring the inside, in the dark.
The old harbour fortress of Calais, fort Risban, exists out of 3 stone clad half Bastions, with Rifle Casemates inside. A small hallway is connecting all the Rifle Casemates. An artist has made a pleasant drawing on a large bunker of Stützpunkt Löwe.
We are celebrating Dutch Kings day with orange pudding scones and orange Gin. Next day. A visit to Cap Blanc Nez. There are several sea observation bunkers. There are also observation bunkers and group shelters at he land side. Near cap Gris Nez is the location of Batterie Grosser Kurfurst.
However the big gun bunkers seem to have been demolished with explosives, afterwards, by the Allied troops. Still visible are the big bomb craters, left, after Allied bombing runs on these gun positions. One of the big German railway guns has survived and is on display near one of the big gun bunkers of "Batterie Todt". This big gun bunker is Turm 1 of Batterie Todt and is now a museum. The big cross channel guns were operated by the German navy.
One of the tunnels of a large under ground complex in a hill side. Here the Germans were building a site for their latest weapon, the V3. The V3 project, was a super canon, build in a mountain side that fired a projectile, with a sequence of multiple explosions. This gave the projectile such speed, that it could fire on London directly, over a distance of 155km. This is the nozzle openings plate of a cluster of five gun barrels. Five of these clusters were projected at this site.
On the way home, we visited another enormous concrete V2 assembly and launching base. In 1944, these bases were discovered, wile under construction and bombed heavily by the Allies. On the go, the Germans developed a method, to enable them to continue building wile being bombed. The first made a concrete slab of 5m thick on the ground and then cranked it up, whilst pouring the concrete walls underneath. However, when the Allies used their notorious Tall Boy Bombs, large parts of the facility were damaged. After the D-day landings, the Allied troops on the ground arrived just in time, to prevent the Germans using these sites. A V2 rocket (V for Vergeltungs Waffen) standing ready in this concrete Cathedral.

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A V1 on its launching track. Ending this tour with a picture of an interesting enemy off road vehicle.   BACK to events index.