General tourist info
  • Gorinchem is an old town which developed from a fishing settlement on the banks of the rivers Merwede and Linge in the early Middle Ages. The town was founded  at the beginning of the 13th century.
  • Nowadays  it is a smallish Dutch town of about 30,000 inhabitants.
  • It is situated 40 km east of Rotterdam on the north bank of the Merwede where the picturesque river Linge flows into it. passing through the old center.
  • Surrounding the town is the typical Dutch river landscape: water, green meadows, willows, dykes and windmills.
  • The old center is both intimate and picturesque and is surrounded by 17th century earth ramparts.
  • Historic buildings, a variety of shops, pubs and restaurants can be found (in the town).
  •  The old river harbor contains many traditional boats.

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