Dutch Water Line

Werken aan de Karnemelksloot

Location: 5217'7.86"N    5 8'34.21"O


Verlengde fortlaan


These batteries were made in 1787 as earth Works.

Between 1873 and 1875, in each work, a small bomb free troop barrack and a separate gun garage, with an underground ammunition storage were built.

However, during the 1st World War, the gun garages and ammunition storage cellars were removed.

The batteries were built to cover the access via the small canal "Karnemelksloot" and to cover the inundation sluice gate in this canal.
The entrance, at the backside of one of the Works.
The facade of the ground covered troop baracks.
The inundation sluice gate, to be protected by the Works.
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