Dutch Water Line

Werk IV
(Battery at Bussum)

Location: 52°16'16.75"N    5°10'33.77"O


Dr. A. Kuijperlaan 1a

1412 SB  Bussum


Work IV is the only work, out of 5, of the so called offensive of Naarden, that remains.

Last half the 19th century, the artillery was able to shoot much further.
To protect the fortress town of Naarden, at the front of the Dutch Water Line, it was decided, that the field army had to held the high ground to the east and south of Naarden, as long as possible and take offensive action, if possible.

For support, 5 defense works were built at these high grounds, between 1868 and 1870.

These defense works for a half circle at the east and south of Naarden.

They were in fact defendable artillery positions, so called Batteries.

Work IV is a unique work, because it is the only work with a dry moat and with a brick wall, equipped with shooting holes along the works perimeter.

The front of the work is turned to the south-east.

On this picture, you see the Artillery shed, near the Work.

Originally, the back of the Work was closed by the wall, with shooting holes.

Later on, a gap was made at the center back (throat) of the Work.

Standing at the throat, you see here the left bomb free building, with the brick wall, with shooting holes, in front of it.

The Work essentially exists out of a high earthen rampart, with gun positions, going around 180 degrees.

At the back of this wall in the middle is a covered corridor, going to the front side.

Here you see the entrance, of this so called "Poterne".

This is the Poterne on the inside, looking forward.
The brick wall, with shooting holes has a double Capponière at the front in the middle and a Capponière at each front corner.

These Capponières give flanking fire, covering the dry moat, at the front and at the sides of the Work.

The outside of the brick wall, with shooting holes, at the left flank.
In the year 2000, when I took these pictures, the brick wall was in bad shape.

But now the Work is completely restored and preserved for all to see.

Here you see the brick wall with shooting holes and the face of the bomb free building, in the end of the right wing of the earth rampart.
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