Dutch Water Line


Weesp is not surrounded by walls, however it has earth walls with two half bastions along the river "De Vecht" at the north (upper right) and two full bastions at the east side (under).

As you can see, the half bastions form an island in de river "De Vecht".

The round shape in the middle of the island is a gun tower


Here you see the gun tower, looking from the town center to the north.

The former upper floor of the gun tower has been chopped off to present less upstanding target to the improving artillery.

This tower is much bigger than the "Muiden West Batterij".

It has a similar stub near the entrance, to be able to give flanking fire.

This is the entrance with the flanking stub on the right.
Here you see he east side half Bastion, looking from the other side of the river.

The rough looking building in the middle is a shelter, that once was ground covered.

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