Dutch Water Line

Muiderslot Castle

As you can see on this picture, "Het Muiderslot" with its own moat is more or less on an island, again surrounded by water. The island has earth work walls, with bastion and point shapes, suitable for placing guns.

The island is connected to the main land by a small road at the south side (under).

At the north side it is connected with a narrow and upwards pointy shaped brick wall. This is called a "Beer".

Beer is the Dutch word for Bear.
This device separates the uncontrolled water of the river from the controlled (level) water of the moat.

The function of a "Beer" will be explained more in the chapters of the fortified cities Naarden and Gorinchem.

The fortified medieval castle "Het Muiderslot" is the stronghold on the east side of the mouth of the river "De Vecht".

Together with the "West Batterij" it defended the mouth of the river "De Vecht".

But it was also meant, together with the other defense works of Muiden, to defend the very important sea sluice gates in Muiden.

These sluice gates served the flooding of the Dutch Water Line.

It is just a medieval castle and was outdated, before the fortresses were, as result of the improvements of the artillery.

After about 1850, the function of the castle itself is to be seen as a command position and troop accommodation.

Look at the visitor with the orange shirt. He is walking through a small gate in an earth wall. Behind him, you see a stone wall with slots in it, to mount high water protection beams across this gate.

The castle is surrounded by this wall and gun positions.

The Muiderslot is a magnificent castle though.

Did you spot the odd shooting hole?

This is certainly not medieval and serves as a bunker for a small canon or later machine gun.

However the electrical installation company made no concessions and did run their lightning rod the shortest way to ground, as it should.

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