Dutch Water Line


At 4 km east of Gorinchem

Position: 5149'19.09"N    5 1'45.78"O


Street: Waaldijk 29

Town: Vuren

Fort Vuren (upper left) protected the North side of the big river "De Waal", which changes name after passing Fort Vuren and is then called Merwede, at Gorinchem.

Opposite to Fort Vuren on the south side of the river "De Waal" is fortress Loevestein, a fortified medieval castle, protecting the south side of the river.

The round shape in the lower part of Fort Vuren is a gun tower.



This is an aerial view from before World War 2.

Fort Vuren started as an arrow-shape front protected position for field guns, in fortification terms this is called a "Lunet", see the arrow- point shape in the left upper corner of the picture.

The gun tower that you see in the center left of the upper part of the picture was built later and also the Lunet got an extension to the north with a ground covered gun storage room, as you can see at the underside of the picture.

Fort Vuren is in the summer season open for visitors. A boat tour starting in Gorinchem can be made, visiting the small fortress town Woudrichem, the fortified castle Loevestein and Fort Vuren.

Hikers can also spend the night at Fort Vuren.
Some other fortresses are also open for visitors.


fvvoorzijde.jpg (92631 bytes)
This is the exposed side of the gun tower of Fort Vuren.

The other 270 degrees is protected against direct hits by a ring of ground covered thick brick buildings.

fvbgebouw.jpg (106595 bytes)
Standing on top of the gun tower, and looking to the east, you see in-between the trees the river dike running towards the center of the gun tower.

In the middle is one of the other ground covered thick brick buildings on the fortress area.

On the fore ground you see the face of the thick brick building of the protective ring.

The chimneys and air vents of this buildings are sticking out of the grass.

fvcgalboven2.jpg (26525 bytes) fvcgalboven.jpg (27079 bytes)
On the left picture you see more of the face of the protective ring.

On the right picture the right end of the protective ring.

fvcgalbeneden.jpg (18622 bytes) fvgracht.jpg (23759 bytes)
On the left picture you are looking into the gap in-between the gun tower and the protective ring.
The gun tower is on the right and the protective ring is on the left.
The picture on the right shows part of the moat, surrounding the fortress.
faplattegrond.jpg (18357 bytes) fvpomp.jpg (17689 bytes)
On the left you see the lay-out of the ground floor of a gun tower.
Most gun towers have a cellar floor, a ground floor and a 1st floor.
On the right you see the drinking water pumps in the gun tower, getting fresh water from a spring.
fvbinnen1.jpg (68443 bytes)
The core of the gun tower consists of a small tower with no roof, this acts as a big air duct, letting in fresh air and some daylight.

Around that is on each floor a corridor, with shell protected windows, air ducts and chimneys to the open inner tower.

Around the corridor are rooms, all separated from each other by thick brick walls.
The ground level rooms were used as gun positions.

On the picture you are looking from the corridor into two rooms at cellar level, that were used as storage rooms.
The back wall is the outside wall of the gun tower.
fvbinnen2.jpg (76329 bytes)
This picture shows the corridor at ground level.

On the right is the wall of the inner tower.

On the left are the entrances of the gun position rooms

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