Dutch Water Line


Location: 52 0'19.27"N    5 5'55.96"O


Fort Vreeswijk 1B
3433 Nieuwegein

Fort Vreeswijk is actually a so called Work, because it has no walls at the back-side.

In 1786 an earth work was made on this location.

The shape was changed in 1820 and improvements were made in 1853.

The work is a defendable open gun battery, which was made to protect the sluice gates, that are just 500m behind it. These sluice gates were not only used for the shipping, but also for flooding or regulating the inundations of the Dutch Water Line.

The work did not get any bomb free buildings, it became quite early, a second line defense work, because a fortress and gun battery's were built more to the east, at Honswijk. 

The entrance bridge has become a dam.

In the back ground, with the stairs on the right, you see already the main wall.

There is quite a large artillery shed.
This is the old house of the fortress keeper, now in bad shape.
The row of houses in the middle is a former military building.
And behind a modern building, there is still in very good shape, a gun powder storage building.

The former function of the building is revealed by the venting holes. 

This is on top of the wall, looking to the north-east.
The shooting range is nowadays obscured by trees.

The traversing hills for the gun positions are barely recognizable.

The wall lost its original profile.

This is the shooting range to the east.

In the time, that the fortress was made and improved to defend the sluice gate, the range of guns in that time was just one, and later up to a few kilometers.

So the main goal was to blaze the enemy off the river dike.
And shoot at ships on the river.

However, later, a big shipping channel was made in front of the defense work.

The river dike that ran from west to east is bend to that channel and is now running from west to the north.

This is the shooting range to the south-east.

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