Dutch Water Line


Location: 52 9'42.55"N    5 1'48.20"E


Nieuweweg 3 (nearby)

Fortress Tienhoven was a small fortress, similar to Fort Kijkuit and Fort Spion.

It was made between 1848 and 1850 as a small round earth work (redoute) with a thick brick guard house.

In 1882, entrenchments were added on both sides of the back (left).

It was decommissioned in 1960.

However it was long gravely neglected and as result it is now a ruin.

In 1939, on the fortress, some concrete shelters were built and also some concrete machine gun bunkers with an armored iron shield on top.

This fortress is still to be surveyed by me. Pictures will follow in due time.

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Last revised on 24-12-2012