Dutch Water Line


Position: 5212'3.29"N    5 2'33.08"E


Blokweg 9
1231 AZ  Loosdrecht

Fort Spion is identical to Fort Kijkuit, the only difference is that there is a small bunker instead of the big one at Fort Kijkuit.

Fort Spion started in 1803 as a small round earth work, with walls, defendable to all sides.
In fortress terms, this was called a "redoute". 
Between 1844 and 1846 it was equipped with a thick brick guard house and in 1880 the gunpowder storage building was built.

Around 1935 a concrete bunker was added.

Fort Spion is at the west edge of the lake area "Loosdrechtse Plassen", guarding the second access road from the east. 

This is the access bridge over the moat.

Left of the bridge you see a part of the gunpowder room building.

Straight ahead in the background, you see the guard house (troop barracks) and storage building.

This is the entrance to the waiting rooms and gunpowder room.

The rooms are now in use as a tourist accommodation and can be booked for a weekend, midweek or a week.

The interior looks quite nice and cozy, all fresh painted, with wooden floors and a nice wood stove.

For pictures of the interior, see the link at one of the last pictures below.

Here you see the front of the guard house (troop barracks).

The sloping part on the right is a gun storage room, built in 1880 against the existing guard house.

This is the left wing with its entrances.

The buildings brickwork is restored, without the plaster layer, as you see on Fort Kijkuit.

This is the right wing of the building.
This is the gun storage room against the left wing.
This is the gun storage room on the right the right room.

These and other rooms are used as tourist apartments or bed & breakfast. There is also a small camp site for hikers and cyclists.

The apartments, bed & breakfast and mini camping can be booked and are managed by:

Tine en Martijn, telephone
0294- 234932  or +31 6 2495 7816

Website with more pictures (Dutch language): http://www.fortspion.nl/

They are also member of the Hiking & Cycling Fortresses Club that manages also Fort Vuren.: http://www.wff.nl/

Here you see the front of the bunker built around 1935.

It is suitable for a small (anti tank) gun.

On the left is a small army tent used for an event on the mini camping.

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