Dutch Water Line


Position: 5218'9.51"N    5 9'52.10"O


Fort Ronduit is one of the late build fortresses in the Dutch Water Line and built in 1874, as an extension to the north, of the heavily fortified town Naarden.

Fort Ronduit closed the access between Naarden and the inland sea "IJsselmeer" (former Zuiderzee).

The Fort has one long thick brick and ground covered building, serving as gun storage rooms and Barracks for the troops.

At the right edge (east side) of the fort, you see small hills. These are field gun positions. The guns were placed in-between the hills, for shell protection. Also gun positions for flanking fire can be seen.

This is the entrance bridge on the west side of the fortress.

The bridges of most fortresses were of the same type and equipped with a quickly removable part.

This fortress has a partly ground covered gate house, with a waiting room for the gate watch detail.
All fortresses have the name and built year on the main building.
Here you see the right half of the ground covered thick brick Barracks and gun storage building.
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