Dutch Water Line

Fort aan de Nieuwe Steeg


Location: 5151'57.15"N    5 7'31.46"O


Nieuwe Steeg 74

4171KG  Herwijnen

This fortress was built in 1878, to cover the Zuider Linge dike and a stretch of dry ground along the dike.
It was also an addition to the older gun tower fortress Asperen.

The fortress has a bastioned front, turned to the north east.
It has a unique U-shaped troop barracks building, allowing  a ground covering of a 180 degrees.

This was done, because it could be exposed to enemy gun fire, not only from the north-east, but from the east and south-east as well.

Looking from the south, over the broad moat. 

It has several ground covered gun garages, with ammunition cellars underneath.

In-between these was a main earthen rampart with open gun positions.

Via a Poterne (ground covered corridor), infantry could get to the so called "low flanks" of the Bastions, to cover the moat.

Here we look from the west at the gun garage in the west corner of the fortress.

At the left, you see a bigger gun garage and at the right, in the background, you see the thick ground cover hill of the troop barracks.

At the left is the gun garage in the north bastion.

In the middle left, a G-casemate foundation can be seen.

The armored steel dome has been blasted off by the Germans, to use the steel for their weapons industry, during the Second World War.

Another view of the fortress terrain.

In front at the right is a steel re-enforced infantry group shelter, type Piramide.

The entrance has just been cleared and the brickwork closing off the entrance has been removed.

Here you see at the left the artillery work shed and at the right the entrance bridge to the fortress. 
A view from the troop barracks hill, at the artillery work shed and left the guard house at the entrance of the fortress.

Between them is a more modern building, being an electrical step down transformer building.

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