Dutch Water Line

Fort Kijkuit

Position: 5214'8.65"N    5 3'31.38"E


Kleizuwe 17
3633 AE Vreeland

Fort Kijkuit is a small fortress at the west edge of the lake area "Loosdrechtse Plassen".

It guards the first access road from the east through the vast water surfaces of the lake and the north part of the Dutch Water Line.

In 1803, on this location, an earth work with gun positions was made on both sides of the road.

In 1844 the north side earth work was changed into a round earth work, with a moat around it and a thick brick guard house (troop barracks) was built on it.

The guard house had a parapet on top, with gun emplacements.

This is the entrance bridge.

On the left, you see the gunpowder storage room, that was built later in 1880.

At that time, also the parapet on the guard house was demolished and a layer of concrete was added to the roof.

All buildings were ground covered, to be able to withstand direct hits from enemy artillery that kept improving all the time.

The gunpowder storage room brick face is to the south-west.

It is ground covered on top and on the enemy side, which in this case is north- east.


This is the small entrance to the gunpowder storage room.
There are some small storage rooms, or waiting rooms, in front of the gunpowder storage room itself.
The interior is still in quite good shape.
Again, the gunpowder storage room is protected by double walls with a small corridor in between.
This is the guard house (troop barracks), built in 1840.

They are also ground covered on top and three sides.

They are made of thick brick walls, that have a kind of cement cladding.

These are the entrance doors to the troop accommodations.
In 1886, on each side of the guard house a gun storage room was added.
This big concrete bunker was built in 1935 and has gun rooms, waiting rooms and ammunition cellars.
This is the entrance.
There are double doors.
This is a small part of the corridors to the waiting rooms and gun rooms.
This is a stand and shooting hole for a machine gun.

As you can see, the front of the bunker is made of steel.

This is a very thick armored steel shield.

The shield is made from the armored plates from dreadnought battle ship HMS Tromp, that was decommissioned in 1927.

This foundation in the other gun room is not for a machine gun, but for a small canon, probably an anti tank gun.
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