Dutch Water Line


Location: 52 2'14.90"N    5 6'0.42"O



Between Jutphaas en Houten was a stretch of terrain, that stayed dry and formed an access through the Dutch Water Line.

Over this stretch of terrain, runs a road and between 1819 and 1820, an entrenchment in star shape  was made on both sided of this road.

Between 1846 an 1848 the two star shape entrenchments were connected together, to form one fortress.
So a shape was formed, that is unique for Dutch Water Line fortresses.

On this fortress a half round Guard House was built, with a parapet on top,
Then the road was led around this fortress.

Between 1871 and 1873 probably, the two Gun Garages were built.

In 1880 the fortress was not modernized, because east of the fortress, two gun battery's were built at both sides of the Overeindseweg.

In 1885 was stated that fortress was meant to house a garrison of 128 man and an armament of 21 pieces.

Between 1940 and 1945, the Germans used the fortress, to house a radio station for communication with their U-boats.

Here you see an aerial photograph from 1960.
In the middle, at the back side of the fortress is the Guard House and at both far sides, the Gun Garages are clearly visible.

Since then a lot has been built around the fortress, as you can see above.

This is the entrance of the Guard House.

It is more to the side and seems to make it easy to roll the guns to the gun rooms.

This is the south side.

Because it was not modernized around 1880, this fortress is also another unique feature; it still has a kind of parapet on top of the Guard House.

The roof can be reached with the open stairs you can see here against the back wall.

This is also a unique feature, because the other fortresses with a Guard House have an integrated staircase.

As becomes clear here, the Guard House has an open throat defense wall.

It looks also, as if the Guard House had its own surrounding moat within the fortress.

This is the front of the Guard House, with shooting holes for rifles and big guns.

The layout of this Guard House, as well as the fortress terrain is very different from all others and makes it very interesting to visit.

Later the gun room function of the guard house became obsolete and the guardhouse got an earth wall in front of it, as protection against direct hits.

Then the Guard House was just used as Troop Barracks and storage room.

As you can see, the photographs are fine, but not mine, this is one of the fortresses, still to be surveyed by me, so more photographs and explanation in due time.

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