Dutch Water Line


Position: 5217'1.34"N    5 3'30.84"E


Nederhorst ten Berg

Here you see the fortress at the Hinderdam as the small bushy island on the left. The Hinderdam was a barier with sluice gates in the water of river "De Vecht" .

In 1629 en 1672 ground work retrenchments were made and in 1673 a permanent earth work fortress with bastions was made on this island in the river.

In 1848 a thick brick guard house was made, the same as on Fort Kijkuit and Fort Spion, with gun emplacements on top.

In 1880 the gun emplacements were removed, a gun storage building was made, earth covering was made and the earth walls were modified.

In 1934 a concrete gun bunker was built.

This is a picture of the fortress in 1773.

I have not more pictures available, Fort Hinderdam is still to be surveyed by me.

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