Dutch Water Line

At 8 km north-east of Gorinchem

5 7'14.55"O

Street: Langendijk
Town: Asperen

The fort is the round shape in the middle, somewhat to the right lower corner.

You see a very small hole, a bit above the center of the round shape.

That is the open inner core of the gun tower.

Left is the river "De Linge".

Above the fortress is a flooding sluice gate and also one opposite on the other side of the river.

These sluice gates are also protected by the fortress.

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Fort Asperen exists of a single gun tower only on a very small fort island. On the left you see the entrance of corridor, that makes fort Asperen different. To make the gun tower less vulnerable for direct hits, the upper floor was chopped off and a ground covered corridor was made around the fort.  This corridor was then used to store guns. In case of an eminent attack, these guns would be rolled out to field gun positions on the east side of the fortress.
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The corridor runs 180 degrees around the gun tower, on the enemy side (east). At the end of the corridor is a elevator, that brings up the ammunition for the guns from the storage rooms on cellar level. Here you see the inside of the gun tower on cellar level. The red furniture is part of an artists exhibition. On the right are the entrances to the storage rooms.
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This is an air vent to the inner core of the gun tower. The inner core is open at the top and serves as a big air shaft. Around the gun powder rooms are double walls, with a narrow corridor in between. From ground floor level is a stair case to the ground covered roof of the gun tower.
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This is ground level. At each level is a round going corridor. Left you see entrances to former gun rooms. On the right are shell protected windows to the inner core. This is cellar level again, with on the left, the entrance to the inner core and the stairs to ground level. In this room primitive toilets were arranged and are still intact.
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This is the galley on ground level. The furnace is still in place. On the right, is the stair case to the roof. This is inside the inner core, to which at each level windows, air vents and chimney's are connected. On ground level, there are also wooden separation walls.
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In wartime, troops were sleeping also in this ground level corridor on straw sacks. Here you see a concrete bunker on the east side of the fortress island. These were built around 1935, to protect gun crews against the improved artillery. This is a concrete shrapnel protected observation stand, also on the east side of the fortress island. This used to be also ground covered off course.
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