Dutch Water Line


Location: 52 2'55.77"N    5 8'46.68"O


Fortweg 11
3992 LX Houten

This fortress was built between 1877 and 1881. It was the last one built in the Dutch Water Line.

It has two bastions at the front and a polygonal shape, with a small flanking bastion at the back.

The front is turned to the south-east, the fortress defended a narrow piece of terrain, through the Dutch Water Line that stayed dry and the railroad to the south-east, running from Utrecht to Den Bosch.

This fortress is part of the second ring of fortresses around the town Utrecht and it filled the flanking fire gap between fortress Vechten and fortress Jutphaas.

Here you see an aerial photograph from before the Second World War.

It looks all very tidy.
Gun positions can be seen at the front wall.

At the bastions flanks are lower level gun positions for flanking fire along the main walls and along the faces of each bastion.

In wartime, 258 men were staying on the fortress and the armament existed out of 34 pieces of guns of various types.

Here you see the troop barracks building, existing out of a ground floor and a first story.

On the ground floor were the utility rooms, like a large kitchen.
The troop rooms were on the first floor.

This is one of the few fortresses, I still have to survey myself.

So, more pictures are coming.

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