My name is Hugo, I am the author of this site.
As you can see I am very fond of Gorinchem, which is my town of birth and still my home town.

As reflected in this page I am interested in history, nature, the older type of Landrovers and technical stuff.
I am also a licensed radio amateur, my radio call sign is PA5PHO.

I do not regard myself as an expert on the subjects which make up this internet site. So I will appreciate very much your comments or corrections. 
You can mail me on pho@xs4all.nl

Anyway, I am enjoying very much making this site and I hope you enjoy your visit to this site and learn something more.

All pictures are taken by myself and therefore all copy rights are reserved by me.
Images taken from books, maps, etc. are used for this non commercial site only,
however copying of these images is prohibited and protected by international law.


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